Thursday, 9 May 2013

'Church Lurking' in Goreme

Next day I went to Goreme to visit its Open Air Museum. This is another of the "must see" attractions like Ephesus and Pamukkale. And like those places it too suffers from too many coach parties and tour groups.

The minibus dropped me in the centre of the village, so I had a 2km walk to the park entrance. I passed many, many shops.

"Carpet, sir, beautiful carpet."
"Ah, not for me"
"Excuse me, sir. Very beautiful."
"Yes, it is. But big. Too big for me to carry."
"No problem, sir. I can mail it to you!"
"Ah, but, you see, I don't have an address...". Touche!
Big smile, hands in the air. "Ah that's very good, sir. Very, very good!"

Cappadocia - "Land of the Beautiful Horses"
Once inside the museum the trick was to hit places of interest when there was a lull in visitors.

So, I lurk outside a church until I think the tour group inside has seen enough and is about to emerge then burst in camera blazing before the next group arrives ("Incoming!!!") to spoil the shots.

I'm currently working on something I'm tentatively calling "The Quantum Theory of Sightseeing", but it's still in its early stages.

(And by the way, lurking outside churches wherever they may be is thrilling, spiritually uplifting and hopelessly addictive - I recommend it, wholeheartedly)

Fine lurking location

"Vandalised Frescoes" are now number two in my "Top Three Unlikely Things I Like About Turkey" list ahead of "Surprisingly Still Standing Columns" and just behind "Surreally Damaged Statues".

Here are some of the results that can be achieved be the effective employment of 'church lurking'...

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