Friday, 22 March 2013

Istanbul Airport

I'm in Instanbul Airport waiting for a connecting flight to Antalya on the south coast.
3 hours to kill so I'll do some writing.
(It's funny but this journey to the closest part of Asia will take longer than my last trip back from Japan!)
I've been on the road for 14 hours, haven't slept a wink, it's 3am local time and there seems to be a monsoon in progress outside,

Coffee sounds good, so I head to what looks like a Turkish version of Starbucks and stammer out an order for cappuccino. It promptly arrives with a smile and it's ...revolutionary.
It comes with a teaspoon that is made of chocolate...literally. (Don't get me started on the incorrect uses of "literally", this isn't one of them)
As I giddily stir the coffee the spoon gently, gorgeously, groovily melts and I audibly giggle.
The result is the best tasting coffee in the galaxy.
The staff looked genuinely delighted when I ordered a mocha straight after. It too has a chocolate spoon.

I'm gutted that I don't have my camera in my hand luggage.

It makes me wonder if that's why everyone I've seen so far (except the very young) looks a bit plump...

God, I hope not all the cutlery in Turkey is made of chocolate.

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