Friday, 29 March 2013

Me and Orson Welles

This morning over breakfast Voltar told of his days as a ralley car navigator in Norway.

From there he proceeded to berate the Turkish over their driving, judging it the worst in the world.

"An Italian knows what good driving is, but chooses not to do it. But a Turk? A Turk knows nothing of good driving."
"If a Turk uses his indicator...IF!...IF!...then he uses it AFTER the turn!"

He also told me that each male member of his family (there are no females except his mother, apparently) had married a Stranger. This was a baffling comment and required some investigation. It turns out that in Voltar's world there are only two types of people : Germans and Strangers.

Marlene Dietrich once said a brilliant thing about Orson Welles that sums up my feelings about breakfast with Voltar :
"When I talk with him, I feel like a tree that has been watered."




  1. Finally I got one - see "Last Day in Cirali" later

  2. Had a rueful smile on a bus yesterday when I finally got this nil, Giboo!