Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Bit Dodgy Guy, Bro

At breakfast this morning, chatting to Sal and Buddy

"So, why did you go to New Zealand?"
"Had a Kiwi girlfriend, hey? Went with her, bro."
"How long for?"
"Five years, bro!"
"Wow, that's a long time...why'd you come back?"
"I was a bit dodgy guy, hey bro! Police got me, hey?"
"What for?"
"No visa, hey? Threw me in jail for a month, bro. Cost me five thousand bucks too, hey? Can't go back for two years, bro!!!"
"Shit, how was Kiwi jail? Better than Turkish, I guess."
"It was alright, hey? Played football every day, bro!"
"Turkish jails are bad, right?" - remembering the movie "Midnight Express".
"They're OK, hey? I ordered a pizza once in jail here, hey?"
"You were in jail here too?"
"Well, I'm a bit dodgy guy here too, hey bro!"
"Driving drunk and stoned, bro - without a license, hey?"
"No license?"
"All my papers were in Aukland, bro. Birth certificate, driving license, all my papers. Then I got busted and chucked out, hey! Left everything behind, bro"
"Can't someone mail them to you here?"
"Nah, bro. I was living with a bit dodgy guys, hey? As soon as they heard I was busted I bet they threw all my shit in the garbage, bro!"
"For sure, bro, for sure. They were a bit dodgy, hey?"

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