Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Wedding, hey?

At breakfast this morning, chatting to Sal and Buddy

"I'm getting married, hey bro!"
"Excuse me?"
"I'm getting married to that Aussie girl, bro!"
"The one who checked in yesterday with her boyfriend?"
"Yeah, bro!"
"Does he know?"
"He's just travelling with her, hey, he's not her boyfriend, bro!"
"So, when did this happen?"
"Last night drinking, bro! She wants to live in Turkey and I can go to Australia, hey!"
"I thought you wanted to go to New Zealand, hey?" (It starts to rub off on you after a while...)
"I do, but Aussie is nice too, hey? Plenty of jobs there, hey?"
"Hotel work, bro?"
"No, bro. I want to do flooring, putting down floors in houses, bro, good money there, hey!"
"What about Buddy, hey?"
"Buddy'll take over running this place, hey bro!" Big smile.
"So, what's your bride's name, hey?"
"Umm...Emily, hey? Yeah, Emily, bro!"

Sal & Buddy on a mission

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