Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Brief Stop in Fethiye

Caught a bus to Fethiye. It's a fairly large and uninspiring town in a beautiful bay.

In 1957 the whole place was destroyed by an earthquake. However, very few inhabitants died due to the actions of the mayor who, acting on impulse or divine inspiration, had used the town's tannoy system to order everyone to leave their homes before the quake struck! I imagine the next election was a landslide.

Fethiye has been rebuilt and is completely geared towards tourism and is now home to over 700 British ex-pats.
Unlike Antalya nobody spoke to me in German. Everywhere there are cafes offering Full English Breakfasts and fish'n'chips ("with real tartar sauce"). 

There isn't a beach here, you have to go to Oludeniz for that, but there is a huge marina.

Fethiye Marina
And Boats. Lots of boats.

Count the masts

I walked round a noisy, enclosed market and bought a new hat. I'd looked like a "strange doctor" for long enough.
My new hat cost less than a coffee and is popular with geriatrics, farmers, cave dwellers and the benighted or forsaken, but not doctors. 

"Surely he can't be a doctor!"

I decided Fethiye wasn't for me and the next day I checked out of the hotel and caught a minibus to the ghost town and modern ruins of Kayakoyu.

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