Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kas - A Perfect Panorama

Said a heartfelt goodbye to Serena and took a bus along the coast to the port of Kas ("cash"). Booked in at a place recommended by the Lonely Planet.
Outside my room hung a very weird picture, indeed.

Yes, that really is Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and a tiny winged James Dean...

The King, Mazzer and L'il Jimmy...
The hotel manager is the irrepressibly upbeat Sal. Sal has a truly unique way of speaking English. I thought he sounded a bit South African at first, but he'd actually lived in New Zealand for five years. Statements sound like questions and every utterance is capped off with either "bro" or "hey" - often "hey bro".

His elderly dog is called Buddy. Buddy's main responsibility is keeping the rooftop terrace completely free of cats - something he takes very seriously. Apart from that, Buddy leads a sedentary life, although he will occassionally jump aboard Sal's scooter and go into town. I have no idea what he needs in town - information about the latest cat movements, perhaps.

I dumped my pack and went off to explore. Kas is a marina town built into a hillside, so I headed uphill hoping to get a good panoramic view.

The sea around Kas is dotted with islands and the mainland itself has peninsulas, inlets and coves.
Land and sea lie entwined in each other's arms.

I tried and failed to get a shot that captured this, and then I thought I'd try something new.
So, here's my first ever video - it was taken high up looking down on Kas.

After that I walked back down and explored one of the marinas. So many beautiful boats in dock and many more being constructed.

 A boat junkies paradise - come on, David, you know you want to!

David-sized boat
Went back to the town centre and had a great lunch

After lunch in town I set out along the coast once again following The Lycian Way.

This time Buddy had arranged for a three dog escort to ensure no cat interference on the trip.

Hand-picked team
Around every corner of the Way lay a new and incredible view. I took nearly a hundred photos - most of them great. Here's just a few

Eventually, in the late afternoon, I came to Big Pebble beach and sat there for a while staring at the sea.

Big Pebble Beach

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  1. Yes I do!!

    you really chose the right time to go, green hills and the blue sea-beautiful!

    still to get an answer from you as to how warm the sea might be....